The Nanny Corp offers credible and accredited Nanny Training Courses in the convenience of your own home.

Due to the challenges of Covid19, we have decided to only do private nanny training courses.  Our training facilitator will come out to your home over 2 days and present the Nanny Training Modules to your caregiver/caregivers.  Our CPR/First Aid Trainer will come on an additional day to present the CPR and First Aid Modules.

We offer a Comprehensive Nanny Training and Childcare Course:

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Comprehensive Nanny Training Course (includes ALL Modules) 4 Days

Baby CareCPR, Chocking & First AidPlay, Stimulation & NutritionHome Care Guide
Professional Conduct:
Whole Child Development
Understanding Your Role as a Nanny
Qualities of a Good Nanny
Professional Conduct
Time Management and Routines
Communication with the Mother

Baby care:
Changing Nappies
Feeding Time - Breast & Bottle Feeding
Sterilizing Equipment
Bath Time
Sleep Time & Sleep Routine
Constipation & Diarrhea
Handling a baby

Special Needs Babies:
Preemie Babies
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Feeding Difficulties

Baby Massage:
A Guide to baby Massage

Sick Baby
How do I know baby is sick?
When should I take baby to the hospital?
Caring for a sick baby.
Adult, Child & Infant CPR
Adult, Child & Infant Chocking

First Aid Emergencies:
Emergency numbers and calling for an ambulance.
Allergic Reactions
Head Injuries
Broken Bones, Sprains and Bruises
Eye Injuries
Bites and Stings
Poison Emergencies
Vomiting and Diarrhea
Fever and Dosages
First Aid Kit Content

Childhood Illnesses:
Understanding the spread of diseases
A Guide to Childhood illnesses:
• Meningitis
• Croup
• Ear Infections
• Bronchitis
• Chicken Pox
• Measles
• Mumps
• Allergies
• Asthma
Play & Stimulation:
Whole Child Development
Gross and Fine Motor Development
Sensory Development
Tummy Time
Play Time Ideas

A Guide to Milestones
0-6 years
Milestone Checklists

A Practical guide to Play 0-5 years
Messy Play
Kitchen Play
Creative Play
Language Development
Age appropriate Play: A Guide 0-6 years old

Understanding Nutrition
The Food Groups
Preparing Balanced Meals

Nutrition 0-14 years
Can I give my baby water?
Nutrition Guide 0-6 months
Making your own baby Food
Foods to avoid
Finger Foods
Food safety
Food Allergies
Colorants and Preservatives
Snack Time

Food Readiness
How to start the Weaning Process
Baby Safe Cleaning
Appliance Care Laundry Guides

Comprehensive Nanny Training Course

The Comprehensive Nanny Training Course comprises of 18 modules. The nannies have homework and are encouraged to practice what they have learnt.  The ladies will also be divided into small groups each week, where they will participate in group class activities and discussions.  The nanny training modules are geared towards babies and young children.  The Comprehensive Nanny Training Course also includes 3 Housekeeping and Laundry Modules.  

The CPR and First Aid Modules are accredited by the American Heart Association as well as the Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa. We cover modules on various illnesses and difficult situations like sleep or eating problems with toddlers and babies.  This is also an ideal course for nannies that want to further their knowledge in how to correctly play and stimulate your child to make sure they reach their milestones.

Your nanny will write a test on completion of her last training module at class.  After passing her test, she will receive her Nanny Corp Certificate with a colored diploma sticker according to her test results.

All Modules have a practical element or group activity and your nanny will have to complete homework assignments each week. 

We take into account that most of the nannies are second language learners so therefore our content material is taught in a practical, fun and interactive manner working as a group. The nannies leave our nanny training courses feeling empowered in their new knowledge. It is amazing to see how their learning positively affects their role at work and in their own community.