icon_infoPlease read through our terms and conditions:

Terms of use:

On acceptance hereof I agree to use the services of The Nanny Corp for my own use and not on behalf of a third party.

I agree to the terms and conditions as they currently are, and accept that these are subject to change.

I understand by using the services of The Nanny Corp, I am bound by the Terms and Conditions.

The Nanny Corp shall not be held liable to any employer in any circumstances whatsoever for any loss, injury, theft or death caused, damage of any nature whatsoever or howsoever sustained, whether as a result of any negligence, non-compliance and/or breach of this agreement or by the employee recruited through The Nanny Corp and the employer hereby indemnifies The Nanny Corp and holds it harmless against any such claim by any other person.

I understand that if I employ any part time or temporary candidate or any other candidate introduced to me by The Nanny Corp within a 12 month period, or refer that client for other employment, that I shall be liable for a full placement fee immediately.

I understand that all other monies paid to The Nanny Corp are non-refundable.

I agree to adhere to all Labour Law Regulations with my employee, including an employment contract, payment of UIF, overtime, salary and salary increases and understand that my employee has the right to go to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) for any grievances.

I understand that The Nanny Corp endeavors to match candidates to a job specification outlined on
the online registration form. The final hiring decision will remain the client’s responsibility.


The Nanny Corp charges a registration form of R 250 which is to be paid BEFORE the arrangement of interviews with candidates.  The registration fee will allow a total of 6 cv’s to be sent to potential employers as well as 3 trail days in total.  Additional trail days will be charged at R 100 per day.

The Nanny Corp charges a R 40 interview fee per candidate interviewed which is to be given to the candidate on the day of the interview.

The Nanny Corp charges a permanent placement fee equal to 1 months of salary package ( package includes accommodation, food, transport, medical aid, bonuses etc) of the candidate on our Bronze Permanent Placement package and a fee equal to a 2 month salary package on the platinum placement  package.

Temporary fees are calculated as follows:

1-2 months 25% of salary

3-4 months 50% of salary

5-6 months 75% of salary

6 months + 100% of salary


All money owed needs to be paid to The Nanny Corp BEFORE the commencement of employment by the candidate or within a 24 hour period, whichever comes first.  Note that the Nanny Corp cannot hold any candidate unless the placement fee has been paid.

Failure to pay on the due date will render the guarantee void.


A client has a choice in picking a 3 month or 6 month guarantee package.

The Nanny Corp agrees to find one suitable replacement for the same position if the employment agreement is terminated by either party within the guarantee period, if:

  • the fee was paid in time
  • the employments contracts was send back before the due date (5 days after commencement of employment)
  • the correct dismissal procedure was followed according to the labour law
  • the employer didn’t breach the employment contract in terms of working hours, agreed overtime, salary deductions or living conditions or any other basic conditions as stated in the Minimum Standards of Employment Act

The undertaking referred to in above shall apply only in respect to the first employee placed by The Nanny Corp with a particular client but shall not apply in the event that the relationship is terminated by the Nanny for non-compliance by the Client with signed working hours and rate of pay as per this signed agreement.  

The Client remains solely responsible for ensuring that the dismissal of any nanny placed with the client is fair in terms of the relevant labour laws.

All requests for a replacements needs to be made in writing to The Nanny Corp within 3 days after termination of employment.

The Nanny Corp will start the interview process with the client again.

The Nanny Corp will replace the nanny at the equivalent salary.  If the replacement nanny’s salary is higher than the original nanny’s salary, the client will be liable to pay the difference of the placement fee.

If the client cannot find a suitable replacement within a 30 day period, the guarantee will have lapsed and The Nanny Corp will not be liable for any further replacements.

The Nanny Corp does not offer any refunds.


If a client cancels interviews more than 24 hrs prior to the scheduled interview time, the client is still liable for the R 250 registration fee.

If a client cancels any interviews less than 24 hours before the scheduled interview time, the client will be held liable for a late cancellation fee of R 500 which is due within 24 hours.

If the client cancels any employment offer after a formal offer of employment has been signed, the client will still be liable for the full payment of the placement fee as well as a fee to the candidate which will be calculated by die CCMA or agreed upon by the candidate.

Temporary Placements:

Should a client take on a temporary contract and the wishes to extend this contract period, a new agreement will be signed and a new contract fee will be charged.  We do not give any deductions or discounts on extensions of the temporary placement packages.  Please note that according to labour regulations, you may only extend a temporary contract once, after which the candidate will be permanently employed.

Hereby I acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions. Furthermore I agree to be bound to the information as provided by myself in the application form (i.e. salary, working hours and job description). In the event that there is any deviation from the information provided resulting in a candidate resigning from my employment I acknowledge that The Nanny Corp will not be required to replace this candidate free of charge within the agreed guarantee period from the date of employment.